Welcome to Lily's at The Park Community Centre

Situated in the heart of Ballycullen, Lily’s at The Park Community Centre stands as a beacon of learning and joy for young children. Our service, nestled within the welcoming and vibrant community centre, offers a nurturing and stimulating environment tailored for early childhood development. The setting is ideal for fostering creativity and exploration, enriched by the diverse activities and resources available at The Park Community Centre. At Lily’s in Ballycullen, we are dedicated to providing a warm, inclusive, and dynamic space where every child can thrive, learn, and grow, surrounded by the bustling energy and supportive atmosphere of the community


Meet The Staff at Lily's Childcare Ballycullen

Lily's Childcare Staff Ballycullen

Would you like to visit a centre?

If you’re interested in registering your child with Lily’s and would like to chat, let us know. Our staff would be more than happy to meet you and give you a tour.