At Lily’s, we provide a range of exciting and stimulating play opportunities. We provide a range of fun child-led and adult-led play opportunities that link to the children’s interests whilst also supporting the Prime and Specific areas of your child’s development.

Behind the scenes, we have already used our extensive knowledge to ensure that the equipment and play resources that we provide are not only great fun but also provide the children with opportunities to learn new skills and reinforce existing skills, all while having a great time with their friends. These activities are just a glimpse of what we offer. When your child is cared for at Lily’s, they have the opportunity to experience a wide array of additional fun, educational, and developmental activities, each designed to nurture their interests and talents in a supportive and caring environment.


With Eoin & Daniel’s background in sport, there will be sporting activities for the children carried out by professionals including ball sports with Coach Adam and Coach Jack, Hip Hop Dancing with Lucy, Yoga and more.

The Brickz Club

Join us for a weekly Lego adventure with Karen from The Brickz Club at Lily’s! Every week, Karen brings her passion and creativity to our centre, engaging the children in fun, hands-on Lego activities. These sessions are not just about building with bricks; they’re an opportunity for our little ones to develop their motor skills, explore their imagination, and learn the art of collaboration. Karen’s unique approach to using Lego as an educational tool ensures that each child gets to express themselves while constructing their mini masterpieces. Be it towering structures or intricate designs, the children look forward to this special day with Karen, where creativity knows no bounds!

Lego at Lily's Childcare

Hip Hop Dancing

Get ready to groove with Lucy in our Hip Hop Dancing sessions at Lily’s! Lucy’s energy and enthusiasm for dance light up the room as she teaches our children the coolest hip-hop moves. Each session is a lively and fun-filled journey into the world of rhythm and beats, encouraging our kids to express themselves through movement and dance. Lucy’s classes focus not only on learning dance steps but also on boosting confidence, enhancing coordination, and promoting physical fitness in an exciting and supportive environment. Whether they’re beginners or already little dancing stars, all our children love the weekly chance to hop, step, and slide in Lucy’s hip-hop classes!

Arts and Crafts

Unleash Creativity with Rachel in Arts and Crafts at Lily’s! Rachel’s arts and crafts sessions are a haven of creativity and imagination, inviting children at Lily’s to explore their artistic talents. Each week, Rachel guides the children through various fun and engaging projects, from painting and collage-making to sculpting and beyond. Her sessions are not just about creating art, they’re about encouraging self-expression, enhancing fine motor skills, and fostering an appreciation for the arts. Children delight in the opportunity to work with different materials, learn new techniques, and proudly showcase their handmade creations. Rachel’s warm and patient approach ensures that every child feels inspired and valued, making arts and crafts time a highly anticipated and joyful part of their week at Lily’s.

"Sports build good habits, confidence, and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal, handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities."