Saggart Schoolhouse Community Centre

Welcome to Lily's at Saggart Schoolhouse Community Centre

Coming soon! Lily’s in Saggart will be providing full day care for children aged 2 years and 8 months (ECCE age) in addition to school age  childcare (SAC). This facility offers modern amenities and comfortable, child-friendly spaces designed to foster development and creativity. Utilising the center’s various rooms and outdoor spaces, we provide ample opportunities for active and exploratory play, enriching children’s physical and sensory development in a natural setting. The facility is staffed by experienced and caring professionals dedicated to creating a safe, inclusive, and stimulating atmosphere. Here, every child is valued and encouraged to explore their potential, making Lily’s at the Saggart School House Community Centre a cherished part of their early years. We are excited to bring our services to this vibrant new community center and look forward to becoming a cherished part of the Saggart community.

For more information on Lily’s Childcare in Saggart please check out our latest news page here!

Saggart Lily's Childcare
Full Daycare & Pre-School Service - available to all.
Our Before & After School Service will cater for the following schools only:

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